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At Glitter Advertising Factory, One of our distinguishing features is our ability to manufacture flagpoles of virtually any custom design, allowing you to complete your flag presentation with a tailored and distinctive touch. This comprehensive approach ensures that your flag display is not only visually captivating but also structurally sound, ready to make a lasting impression wherever it's placed.

In addition to offering a wide range of standard flag sizes, we specialize in crafting bespoke flags tailored to your specifications. This means you can choose the dimensions, shapes, and designs that best align with your branding or messaging needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that every flag we produce is a true representation of your brand's identity and message.

Car Flags
Car flags, as the name implies, are affixed to vehicles. They come in single-sided or double-sided variants and find extensive use in promotional campaigns and national day festivities.
Angled Flags
It perfect for showcasing your brand's logo, ensuring high visibility in crowded areas. Typically mounted on building sides, they effectively promote your message from a distance.
6M Pole Flags
These outdoor flags ensure prolonged visibility and are well-suited for permanent installations. Additionally, we offer tailored flagpoles designed for raising these custom printed flags.
8M Pole Flags
They provide exceptional visibility, making them ideal for outdoor applications. To ensure their prominence, our aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles stand as the top choice for hoisting these flags.
Hand Flags
Customizable hand flags are versatile for diverse events, including National Day celebrations, school sports, and outdoor gatherings, making them ideal giveaways.
Straight Flags
These flags are made of an impressive polyester banner with a vivid dye sublimated fabric print ensures your graphics won’t run or fade no matter what the weather brings. A heavy duty base is added to secure the flag.
Curved/Feather Flags
Curve/feather flags excel in brand promotion at events. Unlike conventional flags, they don't rely on wind to convey your message, ensuring year-round usability. Our double-sided feather flags further enhance business visibility.
Eye Drop Flags
These vibrant, stylish flags feature eye-catching designs, with images on the front and a reverse view on the back. They prove perfect for promoting sales and various marketing events with their simple yet effective appeal.
Telescopic Flags
Our flags are fully collapsible and compact, offering single or double-sided printing options. Each flag comes complete with an aluminum tubular pole and a plastic water base for stability and ease of use.
Table Flags
Crafted from premium satin fabric, our flags are showcased on a sleek chrome pole, supported by a display base featuring a protective, thin foam underside. Quality, style, and durability in every detail.
Reception Flags
Perfect for formal occasions and corporate conferences, these flags are crafted from elegant satin fabric. You have the choice to add decorative frills. Additionally, the flagpole can be customized to meet your specific needs.


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